U.S. drone was shot down by Iran, it took off from UAE

Iran’s remote clergyman said on Twitter that a U.S. military automaton that was shot somewhere near Tehran on Thursday had taken off from the United Arab Emirates.

“At 00:14 US automaton took off from UAE in stealth mode and abused Iranian airspace. It was focused at 04:05 at the directions (25°59’43″N 57°02’25″E) close Kouh-e Mobarak. We’ve recovered areas of the US military automaton in OUR regional waters where it was shot down,” Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Iran made “a major misstep” by shooting down the automaton that Tehran said was on a covert operative mission over its domain, in an occurrence that has fanned feelings of trepidation of more extensive military clash in the Middle East. (Composing by Parisa Hafezi; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

Fly Dubai and Emirates aircraft have ‘balanced a portion of their flight ways as a careful step’ after a US automaton was shot down over the Arabian Gulf on Thursday.

A Fly Dubai representative said on Friday: “Fly Dubai knows about the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) issued by the FAA for US-based aircrafts. Fly Dubai balanced a portion of the current flight ways in the locale as a careful step. We keep on observing the circumstance and make changes when important.”

“Following the choice today of the US Federal Aviation Administration to forbid US carriers from working in a segment of Iranian-controlled airspace, Etihad Airways has counseled intimately with the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority to assess the US activity. Security is vital to Etihad Airways, and together with the GCAA we have consented to change some of the flight ways we work to and from the Arabian Gulf. Etihad Airways will give reports on influenced flights on its worldwide site, etihad.com, as data is given by administrative experts about the airspace confinement,” an Etihad spokesperson said.