UAE-based company- Yellow Door Energy partners up with Adenium Energy Capital

Business, today, is facing many challenges, for instance, the continuously increasing costs and the uncertainty of utility prices. This, along with the fact that more work is required to be done in an even lesser amount of money and even fewer resources. A solar developer that is based in the UAE, Yellow Door Energy is aiming to address all these issues by helping its customers to save money, control the costs of energy, reduce the carbon emissions, and also enhance the sustainability of the objectives of customers. The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company, Jeremy Crane explained that the ability for generating solar power at both local and centralized level has been steadily decreasing, whereas the cost of the plug-power that is the price paid for the power that someone uses from the grid is increasing.

Crane, observing that money is most often the barrier in implementing innovative energy solution, partnered up with Adenium Energy Capital to launch a startup in the year 2015. AEC is one of the leading investors of solar power in the Middle East having funded 500 million U.S. dollars globally in solar projects.  Crane believes that energy is best delivered as a service. He said that in this way, consumers can focus on their main business simultaneously paying for the energy that they consume. He further added that their start-up served both commercial and industrial businesses which work on the same principle.

Crane also said that the success metrics in solar energy are very easily measured that is via the impact on people, our environment, and also the value creation through the equal appreciation of assets.