What is the best time to schedule your focus? Science answers

According to science, there is a bad and good time for focusing your highest level tasks. A recent study was conducted by the Fabon Dzogang where the content from Twitter was analyzed from 54 major cities in the UK and then they were sampled at every hour employing the Twitter search API.

Dzozgang passed the following statement regarding the findings: “The initial peak expression time begun at 5 to 6 am, which has a correlation with the measures of critical thinking, with the language of achievement and power, and private concerns. It has anti-correlation with the language of social concerns and adverse effects. The next factor has the expression time commencing at 3 to 4 am which has a correlation with the language of concerns regarding the existence and the anti-correlation with the expression of constructive emotions.”

If you are eager to get a jump on the day and concentrate on your long term tasks, then set aside the time as the very first thing you do in the morning. Even before checking your email or before the ringing of your phone when you are mentally at your maximum.

Another amusing tidbit from the findings of the study had a relation with helping pinpoint what’s the suitable time for going into the social media in order to share stories and do interaction with the colleagues and other owners of businesses. According to the study, hours in the morning are the most perfect and suitable for topics like achievement, power, and growth and if you are a businessman then they are most likely to benefit you. Try to avoid social platforms towards the ending of the day and into the hours in the evening. This will help you to be away from negative thoughts as well as anxiety at

According to the study, the morning hours are best for topics such as growth, power and achievement and most likely the most beneficial for you as a business owner. Avoiding social platforms towards the end of the day and into the evening hours will help keep negative thoughts and anxiety.