40 Million Dollars received by SingHealth for additional med research

SingHealth, the largest public healthcare cluster in Singapore, has received a $40 million gift from Ngee Ann Development (a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi) that will greatly boost medical research and education efforts to advance patient care.

Ngee Ann Development’s $40 million gift reflects its strong commitment towards partnering clinicians, researchers and educators in SingHealth to make an impactful and lasting difference in the health of patients and Singaporeans.

“We are very heartened by Ngee Ann Development’s generosity towards healthcare. This gift will enable SingHealth to conduct further research into strategic areas such as ageing, population health and artificial intelligence for healthcare, and address challenges that affect our local and Asian populations. It will support continuing education programmes to build a strong pipeline of competent healthcare professionals to meet current and future needs. As an Academic Medical Centre, in partnership with Duke-NUS Medical School, we will be able to do more to improve the health and lives of our patients,” said Professor Ivy Ng, Group Chief Executive Officer, SingHealth.

In appreciation of the generous gesture, one of the two towers in the Academia, which is SingHealth’s education and research nucleus that houses core research services and training facilities, will be named The Ngee Ann Kongsi Discovery Tower. The auditorium will also be named The Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium. Each year, the Academia plays host to more than 150 events, including scientific and education congresses, attracting both local and international participants.

The gift from Ngee Ann Development, which will be managed by SingHealth Fund, will advance capabilities for sustained excellence in public healthcare by supporting impactful research in thematic areas such as ageing and population health through the development of artificial intelligence, big data and precision medicine for healthcare. This approach enables researchers to investigate across a wide spectrum of diseases and health conditions so as to find better treatment options for patients while nurturing a sustainable pool of research talents. In addition, the gift will also support medical education initiatives including fellowships, lectureships, conferences and seminars that foster knowledge exchange, networking and inter-professional education.