Health insurers could be gotten rid of

Kirsten Gillibrand didn’t lift her hand on July 27 when a discussion arbitrator asked 10 presidential competitors who needed to dispose of private medical coverage. Yet, that is the result she supports,... Read more »

Continuous Increase in the Momentum of Asia HealthTech

Galen Growth Asia, a company in Singapore, is the leading advisory, analytics, and research firm in Asia Pac that is serving Fortune 500 companies as well as global investors that are exclusively... Read more »

New consortium for assisting researchers in turning the Health tech discoveries into products

It can take a time period of 10 years or even longer from the time of the publishing of any academic paper about a medical discovery for it to be translated into... Read more »

Women above the age of 65 refuse to ease into retirement

Judy Katz has joined a small but also growing group of women that will be starting their new businesses at the age of 65 and above at a time when majority of... Read more »

Sweet and fattening foods have the ability to trigger overeating habit in the brain

We know greasy, sugary nourishments can change our waistlines. Substantially less is thought about how they may change the cerebrum. Presently, analysts have discovered that changing a mouse from standard chow to... Read more »

A new discovered way of healthcare fix

As Americans live longer, more and more families are caring for older adults and facing tough financial circumstances that give rise to a bigger question: How will we as a nation care... Read more »

Shifting from healthcare to the actual health of the people

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) held a charity walk on Sunday (June 23) to raise money for its community fund. The heritage walk was a success, raising S$1 million for beneficiaries of... Read more »

40 Million Dollars received by SingHealth for additional med research

SingHealth, the largest public healthcare cluster in Singapore, has received a $40 million gift from Ngee Ann Development (a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi) that will greatly boost medical research and... Read more »

Tech Startups revolutionizing healthcare department in the rural areas of Indonesia

Healthcare in Indonesia has never been recognised as world-class; and local doctor visits have always been a crapshoot. If your daughter comes down with a fever or even a case of strep... Read more »