Continuous Increase in the Momentum of Asia HealthTech

Galen Growth Asia, a company in Singapore, is the leading advisory, analytics, and research firm in Asia Pac that is serving Fortune 500 companies as well as global investors that are exclusively focused on HealthTech. The company was founded in the year 2015 by HealthTech innovators based in Singapore. GGA is an epicenter of innovation in HealthTech that is digital health, in the Asia Pacific, currently an ecosystem start up of over seventy-five billion dollars. GGA has constructed a portfolio of solutions that allows it to be the enzyme for direct collaboration between start-ups, investors, and enterprises to prototype, evaluate and then implement the HealthTech solutions for solving healthcare system pain points and creating significant social as well as financial value in the region.  GGA has partnered up with enterprises, investors and also startups for accelerating and deepening their understanding of the exciting ecosystem and further by offering client specific advisory and analytics solutions for helping them to find the perfect options and also scaling their innovation plans.

The most comprehensive report of Galan Growth Asia to date is generated by HealthTech Alpha that is a GGA solution. HealthTech Alpha is one of the most developed platform for  digital health analytics along with best-in-class user workflow constructed to fast track the decision making ability and actively monitor the portfolios.

GGA also provides a different suite of solutions that allow innovation leaders to speed up the execution of the strategies that they have planned for digital health such as leadership briefings, curated deal flow, and also access to the highly developed analytics platform amidst others.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of GGA, Julien De Salaberry said that the industry and the sentiment of investor for HealthTech in Asia Pacific is continuing to be extremely favourable. More than ninety percent of the enterprise business leaders and investors were recently surveyed and it was confirmed that the HealthTech remained a huge priority for all of them.