mobile marketing platforms
mobile marketing platforms

The marketing strategies of several companies are targeting the penetration of smartphones and their use in our day-to-day activities. The mobiles have become a convenient mode to reach consumers in the form of emails, videos, messages, etc. The development of mobile marketing platforms is easing this process by enabling companies to reach out to their consumers, which is boosting the rate of consumers making retail and purchase decisions on their mobile devices. The mobile platforms are being adopted increasingly for the competitive advantages, as well as the business value that they offer. Mobile marketing is being implemented across a variety of industries for its critical role as the prominent engagement point for their consumers. Here are a few trends that will be shaping the mobile marketing platforms and influencing the way the content is available at your fingertips:


Omnichannel marketing has already begun and will continue to expand at a consistent pace. It will enable businesses to convert users belonging to any of their channels or devices into consumers. It will provide the consumers with several options for purchasing such as the app, physical store, or your website.


The world of data is growing persistently as a vast amount of data is being constantly created and collected by several data-hungry companies. It is being used to develop marketing strategies and customize them by studying consumer preferences and behavior. Personalizing the experience of a consumer has become a prominent form of increasing their engagement and will continue to grow. The technological advancements will enable AI to develop even better marketing strategies catering to the intricate factors that create an appeal for the consumer.


Along with the rise of AI integration, consumer awareness regarding data privacy and security is also on the rise. The increasing number of mobile transactions is also resulting in consumers sharing their financial data through such platforms, which can be easily misused if it is not handled with care. Additionally, the complexity of cyber-crimes and malicious attacks are making it even more essential to safeguard the company’s assets to maintain consumer trust and avoid loss or breach of data. Several consumers are becoming keen on finding out how the companies are using their data. So, data security is becoming a vital component of the mobile marketing platform.


Businesses are a collaborative effort and require coordination not just among numerous members of the organization, but several teams as well. Even the consumers communicate through a variety of platforms and hence, mobile marketing platforms that offer seamless communication without the barrier of being restricted to a particular platform will be on the rise.


Mobile videos in the form of ads on social media apps are garnering the attention of major brands, which continue to invest substantially in online video advertising. However, investing in such advertising strategies and making the most of these services requires brand-driven and content-driven marketing, as well as advertisements.


The voice technologies are a thriving industry that is expanding rapidly and becoming a frequently used element of our daily households. The businesses are realizing the prominent use of these voice tech gadgets and are striving to develop a strategy to reap the benefits of this technology by incorporating it into their marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Platforms Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6% by 2027, with more number of businesses adopting the technology as a part of their customer involvement strategy, says Absolute Markets Insights.