A recent study by Upgraded Points highlights the Top US Airlines

Lately, the US airline market share domination in North America was profoundly analyzed by the Upgraded Points LLC which was offered in their recent study. Factors including the number of passengers and the total miles flown were considered while ranking and enlisting. Although international flights are run by a majority of these carriers, this study particularly concentrated solely on the passengers flown within the bounds of US. Results of the study are disclosed in a series of suitable infographics.

Taking a peek at the total numbers of passengers who flew in the course of any given time is the most logical evidence of market domination. To our surprise this time period’s final results were: Delta Air Lines has 16% i.e. 106,062,211 passengers and American Airlines having 15% which is a total of 99,857,863 passengers, both didn’t make to the number one carrier, even though they were ranked amongst the top 5 carriers. Each lost that position by about 5%. Followed by these two airlines was the United Airlines which won 11% market share.

The factor that limits the people from choosing any particular air carrier is “geography”, mainly because at each hub additional limitations are imposed by the air carrier availability. Hence, when ranking its list by state, Upgraded Points Study (UPS) had to consider the minutest detail of all factors. Take the example of Delta Airlines, since it is not based inside Atlanta, Delta being the dominator of Georgia Market should be of no surprise.

The research concluded by filtering the BTS data from the total market share by the carrier, by the revenue passenger miles (RPM) and by month. RPM exclusively is a very essential metric that displays the distance (in miles) traveled by the paying passengers. At higher levels, overall traffic of any airline is also indicated by the RPM. Though in the US there are numerous large air carriers flying, the end results of the UPS evidently shows that there isn’t an even split of passengers amongst them.