ATA Lengthens their Corporate Partnership with the Spireon

American Trucking Associations announced it has transformed their existing corporate partnership with the automobile intelligence firm, known as the Spireon, this firm is also a featured Product Program provider of the American Trucking Association.

American Trucking Associations, also known as the ATA is the largest national trading associated concerned specifically with the truck and truck related industry. With the help of the affiliation and help along with the collaboration of more than 50 associated concerned with the trucking industry of the state along with the other industry-related sessions, in addition to the councils. The American Trucking Association is the sole platform that speaks for the trucking industry which is amongst the key industries of America.

The Chief Executive Officer and the president at ATA, Mr. Chris Spear said: “ATA’s members represent companies of every size, and therefore require products that allow for customization of data and assets in order to really assess how they can maximize business strategies,”

He went on to add: “Our members are investing in products like Fleet Locate because they offer that customization and ability to make changes based on each company’s unique business model.”

The Senior VP of the FAI tactics and development, Mr. Roni Taylor said: “Spireon is proud to support the American Trucking Association at this important time when the transportation industry has so many opportunities and challenges on the horizon,”

Mr. Taylor went on to add: “Technologies like Spireon’s, which enable carriers to effectively maximize trailer utilization, increase ROI, and right size their fleets, are a critical component to our collective future success, and we value the opportunity to partner with the ATA toward a progressive, profitable road ahead.”

American Trucking Associations, The ATA is the largest association for national trade when it comes to the trucking industry. It comprises of over 50 affiliated trucking associations of the state. It holds numerous conferences as well as councils related to the industry. Being the sole voice of the industry America depends on this forum for most of the stuff.