Stock Prices Increase For Automotive Sector In South Korea After Trump Announcement

Offers in South Korean carmakers rose after reports the US won’t matter duties on car imports from the nation. Hyundai’s stock was up as much as 5.5 percent in early exchanging Seoul... Read more »

Officials expect Trump to Delay Tariffs on Auto Sector for up to 6 Months

U.S. President Donald Trump is relied upon to defer a choice on forcing duties on imported vehicles and parts by as long as a half year, three Trump organization authorities told Reuters,... Read more »

‘Korean car innovators are playing bigger parts in the innovation drive’

Korean originators at worldwide car goliaths are assuming expanding jobs in structure the appearance of world’s most prominent vehicles, as per a Korean creator at BMW Group. “I can detect that Korean... Read more »

The fastest bullet train in the whole world ‘Alfa-X’ test run was started in Japan

World’s fastest bullet train started its test run in Japan to revolutionize the mode of transport. It is fastest ever train which capable of reaching 400km/h (249mph). Earlier today, ALFA-X version of... Read more »

Are the South Koreans ready to take over the automotive marketplace?

HYUNDAI and Kia are sister manufacturers that have been revving their engines for a while now, but it’s been in the last few years that they’ve really made some significant gains. Indeed, they... Read more »

Emirates posts critical drop in benefits, at $237 million

The Middle East’s greatest aircraft, Emirates, said on Thursday tha benefits were down practically 70% in the past financial year, achieving lows of $237 million, contrasted with a year ago’s astounding $762... Read more »