Recent opinion poll validates the high level of support & trust for Nuclear energy program in UAE

A national poll on nuclear energy in the United Arab Emirates sheds light on some of the highest favorable rates for the nuclear energy in the world which are higher than any... Read more »

Nuclear Energy is the ultimate choice for Japan

Japan has received a quiet methodology towards atomic innovation, restricting it to the utilization of providing power. This is in spite of being the main country to have endured obliterating impacts of... Read more »

How did the hydrogen end up in a deal between one of the largest oil firms in the world and a giant car manufacturer?

Normally people anticipate the development of electric vehicles to come from ground-breaking businesses or start-ups, however, a recent deal might have proven this wrong. On 26th June Hyundai, which is a famous... Read more »

The most economical source of energy in the C is ‘Wind Power’ but still the conservatives aren’t convinced

Conservatives are continually urged by UK industries to halt their ban on subsidies for onshore wind farms, while the public put pressures on the government to end its de facto against wind... Read more »

NPCC in UAE plans for the expansion towards the more renewable energies

UAE oil and gas organization National Petroleum Construction Co (NPCC), the Senaat-held contractual worker that as of late finished Adnoc’s Umm Lulu Gas Treatment Plant in Abu Dhabi and works with firms,... Read more »
IRENA General Assembly

DG IRENA: United Arab Emirates Has Always Supported IRENA’s Renewable Efforts

Francesco La Camera, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, expressed that the collaboration between the UAE and IRENA has bolstered the office’s endeavors to hurry the reception of sustainable power... Read more »

UAE and their green energy initiatives

A UAE activity to fabricate sustainable power source extends in the Caribbean has opened ways to a greener future for individuals in an area that endures the worst part of environmental change,... Read more »

UAE energy minister believe that the oil cutting decision was a right choice made

The United Arab Emirates’ vitality pastor said on Wednesday the UAE bolsters the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its partners’ tendency to expand a cut in oil generation, UAE’s... Read more »

United Arab Emirates FAB would halt operations in Qatar

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) on Wednesday announced that it will close its Qatar operations following baseless allegations by Qatari regulatory authorities of manipulating the riyal. In a statement, the UAE’s largest... Read more »