Tesla’s solar business is buzzing as factory exports cells

The “incredible dominant part” of sun powered cells are set to be delivered at Tesla Inc’s. production line in upstate New York.  They are to be sold abroad and are utilized in... Read more »

The energy firms in UAE are in the run for a greater footprint in Pakistan

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mubadala Petroleum aims to expand its investment footprint in Pakistan by increasing its presence in liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, oil and gas exploration, and establishing the first... Read more »

Topaz Embraces IoT with BHGE’s VitalyX Lubricant Monitoring System

Topaz Energy and Marine, a main seaward marine coordination organization of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has consented to a long haul arrangement and put in a request with Baker Hughes, a... Read more »

Is UAE the Principal partner in the Way for Concentrated Solar Power in GCC?

In April 2019, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published a report on a “roadmap to 2050” in terms of renewable energy. The report highlighted the possibility that by 2050, about 86... Read more »

Alterations at the grid edge enhances the power supply

The adoption of renewable energy sources is gaining momentum the world over, and countries in the Middle East and Africa are looking to benefit greatly from their integration into power grids. Although... Read more »

Dubai to build the gigantic solar power plant, the largest in the world

A Saudi power company will soon begin construction on the world’s largest concentrated solar plant. Situated in the United Arab Emirates, the plant will have an estimated capacity of 700 megawatts and a... Read more »

Electricity being generated using a Plutonium Derivative

When talking about plutonium, what usually comes to mind are bombs and radioactivity, but recently a group of scientists added something positive to that list, electricity. As reported online by The Engineer,... Read more »

Electricity drawn from Americium, which could prove useful as a power source for a ‘space battery’

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and University of Leicester have generated usable electricity from the chemical element americium in what it believes to be a global first. The achievement is seen... Read more »

Dubai is going to construct the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world

Concentrated solar power solves the problem of how to store electricityin ways that solar pannels cannot. A Saudi power company will soon begin construction on the world’s largest concentrated solar plant. Situated in the... Read more »