A species of shark-toothed dinosaurs discovered in Thailand

A new species of predatory dinosaur with shark-life teeth has been discovered in Thailand. Dubbed ‘Siam Raptor suwati’ by researchers, it’s calculable that the archosaurian lived roughly 120 million years past. “It’s... Read more »
Tiny Piece

Tiny Piece of Giant Asteroid which flew over Japan might One Day Threaten Earth.

In the early morning of April 28, 2017, a little fireball crept across the sky over Kyoto, Japan. And now, because of knowledge collected by the SonotaCo meteor survey, researchers have determined... Read more »

Hazzaa AlMansoori will return to the UAE today from space.

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre confirmed that Hazzaa AlMansoori’s come back to the UAE is scheduled for Sat, October 12. AlMansoori at the side of sultan AlNeyadi are going to be... Read more »

Ebola And Other Deadly Pathogens to be imported in japan due to the Tokyo Olympics.

A massive flow of international tourists can arrive in Japan next July for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Most are going to be unaware another foreign traveler was specifically foreign in preparation for... Read more »
military-industrial complex

Here’s the new military-industrial complex in Taiwan.

Taiwan embarked on nearly 50 years ago to grow its own defense trade as a result of the island’s leaders ne’er know how several arms they’ll get from abroad. Taiwan seeks a... Read more »
air pollution is Miscarriage

Another serious negative health effect of growing air pollution is Miscarriage in China

Researchers in China have found a significant link between pollution and the risk of miscarriage, in keeping with a replacement scientific paper discharged on Monday. While pollution has been connected to a... Read more »
Al talent

Al talent from India introduced to Taiwan

Taiwan is wheelwork up to introduce AI talent from Asian country to handle shortages of high-end R&D engineers within the IT business, as a part of its efforts to deepen partnerships with... Read more »

Is Science really sexist?

Royal Society Open Science published their new paper today in which it is stated that University of Canterbury UC researches conducted a research which resulted in proving science to be gender biased.... Read more »

Mentors for Science

Maria Mitchell, the first professional astronomer in the U.S and Mildred Dresselhaus, the materials scientist, the ‘Queen of carbon science’, both wanted to be mentors. They wanted to guide the next generation... Read more »