Surface inventors turn flat into tap sensitive.

Are you able to convert a flat surface — sort of a blank wall — into an interactive, tap-sensitive one? A group of Filipino inventors supposes they need an efficient, reasonable resolution.... Read more »
Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Security Threats In Education Sector of the United Kingdom.

Making up over 6 percent of the gross world product, the world education sector has been growing at a 4.5 percent compound annual rate and is forecast to be price $10 trillion... Read more »
artificial intelligence

World’s First artificial intelligence university launched in Abu dhabi.

Taking another daring step in the world of computing (AI), Abu Dhabi on weekday proclaimed the gap of the world’s initial dedicated AI University – Mohammed Bin Zayed University of computing (MBZUAI).... Read more »
digital technology

Architectural history to be restored by digital technology in New Zealand.

The exhibition at the Wellington museum that was unionized in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington’s college of design architecture can showcase however digital technology will facilitate document New Zealand’s architectural history.... Read more »
5G Technology

5G Technology launched in Laos

The Vietnamese military-run telecommunication group Viettel plans to roll out 5G technology in Laos by year-end. This can be Vietnam’s third overseas launch of the service. The country aims to expand this... Read more »
Robot revolution

Robot revolution in China’s firework factories

Chinese pyrotechnic makers are a substitute for their human staff with robots equipped with up-to-date technology that was initially developed for the military. At some factories within the central province which is... Read more »

Activists say that Juul is behaving differently

Almost as before long because the e-cigarette maker Juul launched within the Philippines this past June, Maria Encarnita Limpin started noticing the merchandise in outlets everywhere the capital Manila. “It’s like they... Read more »
mobility technology

UAE offers better mobility technology

Dubai: moving in and out of the homes is not any longer a drag for individuals of Determination within the UAE, which is prior to many different countries in providing higher-quality technology... Read more »
Japanese android maker predicts that future robots will look and think like us,

Japanese android maker predicts that future robots will look and think like us,

Set in 2019, cult ’80s picture “Blade Runner” envisaged a neon-stained landscape of bionic replicants genetically built to seem a bit like humans. So far that has did not happen, however at... Read more »