Children With Asthma Shows Worse Academic Performance Than Other Children

Urban places are commonly known for the high numbers of citizens. These areas are considered areas with the most pollution due to the high crowded sites. With the high pollution and non-fresh air, many children are viable for having asthma.

On further notice, a study was conducted by a team from the American College of Allergy, published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology journal, showed that children with asthma are expected to have a worse performance in their academics compared to normal, asthma-free children.

PhD holder, Daphne Koinis Mitchell explained, “We found associations between poor asthma status, poorer asthma control, lower lung function, more asthma symptoms, and decline in academic performance. These associations were stronger in ethnic minority children, particularly Latino children. In our study 216 Black/African American (33 percent), Latino (46 percent) and non-Latino white (26 percent) urban children completed a clinical evaluation and home-based assessments that evaluated asthma and allergy status, lung function and academic performance. We found that not only do urban children with asthma experience a higher number of school absences when compared to their healthy peers, but there are greater disparities in academic outcomes when ethnic differences within the groups of children are examined.”

These results were seen as children with asthma would skip more days of school than other kids, which in turn leads to unfinished work and not following the progress. The results grew even further, when it was observed that children with a different ethnicity which is considered minor will definitely have worse results than any other kid in school.