Corporate update from the AREV International Brands Limited

AREV Brands International Limited was pleased to announce the closure of both the property purchase which was intended towards the acquisition of the Sorrento, British Columbian as well as the Cana Gold asset purchase, both of which were announced back in January 2019. The firm provides the shareholders with the update on the progress that the firm made towards the vision of the firm.

According to the Cannabis act that recently passed, cannabis and hemp became a newly formed legal industry. As the research about the industry reflects, it is likely to outpace the dried flower marketplace in the year 2019. The process of Value-addition of these distinct and creative goods would lead to higher demand in this market. AREV is forming partnerships with the LPs to ensure that extraction and processing take place effortlessly.

According to the board of directors that are running the firm:

“We have engaged Spire Secure Logistics Inc. to consult on obtaining a Hemp Cultivation License on the 28 acre Sorrento BC property and have initiated the construction of an 8,500 square foot processing facility, expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019. The company has an extraction system and a soft gel cap machine to be installed at the new facility.

AREV has 8 products registered with Health Canada which have Natural Health Product numbers and a line of award-winning topical creams, sticks, and oils for pain management and skin care. We also recently acquired the High Times award-winning the line of Cannagold Vape Pens and concentrates.

Through our ownership in BC Bud Depot and with the assistance of our newest Director Mr. Leo Ford, we are able to start a breeding business in Columbia where we will be registering our genetics. Matt Harvey, the founder of the company recently visited Columbia and will be working with Leo to launch the business in Latin America. Matt has been developing and breeding cannabis for seeds and new strains successfully for over 20 years. As a result, we own an extensive line of award-winning strains and genetics. “