Etactics Inducts BillingTree Payment Gateway into its New Portal

BillingTree which is a leading company in payment problems solving has started a new journey by partnering with Etactics. The partnership was based on allowing Etactics’ portal use Payrazr, provided by BillingTree. This allows users to use tools provided by BillingTree, including payment solutions, bills settlement and management. The technologies adapted by BillingTree helps making transactions fast, automated, end to end and safer.

Etactics is a financial platform with tons of solutions and features for cash management. They shine in customers’ experience through a portal which allows online transactions. It helps customers check their financial standings through an online detailed dashboard. With the added features provided by BillingTree, electronic statement delivery is now introduced the pre-existing platform.

General Manager of Etactics, Mr. Bill Salm stated the following sentence in reflection of the partnership. “Etactics continues to be at the center of the expansion of electronic bill presentment. With the new version of Customer Access plus, users benefit from access to real-time personal billing information, can view a detailed statement or invoice and interact with customer service through a secure channel, at any time. With this overall control, they can see their entire financial relationship and can easily research inquiries. BillingTree payment solutions are the perfect fit to enable organizations to bring together the whole billing process through secure, compliant and convenient online payment options.”

Etactics expects a new profound look on their services now with the cash management systems. The partnership is based on common interest and both companies will be able to share clients and serve both fields. The personal financial industry will notice better management, hence better tracking of the economy; impacting the world.