Former Executive at IHH will be replacing the current CEO once he steps down in December

On Monday, during an Exchange filing in Singapore, the healthcare group, IHH announced that the Chief Executive Officer and the managing director of IHH HEALTHCARE, Mr. Tan See Leng shall be stepping down on December 31st from his post and will then be replaced by Mr. Kelvin Loh who was formerly an executive at IHH.

IHH has said that Dr. Kelvin Loh shall be joining their group as the Chief Executive Officer-designate as well as the executive director in order to undertake the transitionary procedure from the 1st of July. He shall formally succeed Dr. Tan See Leng with effect from 1st January 2020.

IHH further said that Dr. Tan See Leng is departing as his contract period is completing its tenure. Dr. Tan was appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in the month of January in 2014, two years after serving as an executive director in their company. Furthermore, since 2011, Dr. Tan has been the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Parkway Pantai.

Dr. Kelvin Loh, who is currently 45 years old joined IHH in the year 2008 and has held several roles of senior management between the years 2008 to 2017. He was then made the Chief Executive Officer for the Singapore Operations. In the year 2017, he left in order to become the Chief Executive Officer at Columbia Asia Group.

He has returned after the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional had divested a sixteen percent stake in the IHH to Mitsui & Co. that is a Japanese company, in last November. This made Mitsui and Co. the leading owner of the IHH.