High quality of life in the Gulf has been confirmed by the Irish Educators

According to a survey which was recently conducted, it has been confirmed by a vast majority of Irish Educators who are residing in the UAE that there is a better quality of life as well as greater scope for a career over there and hence they the teachers are giving recommendations. This survey was done by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

An online poll was created where the number of teachers who were based in the Gulf exceeded 1 thousand and the poll gave an indication that the incomes, lack of pay opportunities for the new entrants as well as costs of housing and insufficient posts of teaching are amongst the major barriers in returning to home.

In spite of this, about half of the teachers say that they have planned to go back to Ireland in order to do teaching over there within the coming 3 years or more. 10 percent stated that they have planned not to return.

The survey was conducted because of the arrival of Joe McHugh who is the minister for education. He reached gulf as part of this 2-day mission of ‘fact-finding’ which inclusive of the assembling of view of the educators on ways for making it easier to go back home.

It was stated by the school management bodies that there is a permanent crisis in the supply of teachers with severe shortages of them at a basic level and insufficiency in major subjects at the secondary level.

It has been anticipated that there are around 2 thousand well educated, as well as, qualified Irish Teachers in the Gulf. Majority of these teachers who are based over there receive salaries which are free of taxes and are between amount €30,000 & €60,000. In addition to these, they are also given incentive of yearly flights home, as well as, health insurance facility.