James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp. The Latest Contributor to OTCQX

When in the financial market, one very important strategy to work on, is to expand beyond different countries. This phenomena is known as healthy for companies to grow and expand organically past their potential. In today’s news, this case was notices with OTC Markets Group INC, as they have welcomed a new member to their OTCQX Best Market.

OTC Markets Group is a company operating with different financial markets, including over 10,000 global securities. Their latest recruit, announced lately, was James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp, which is a Canadian based company; which produces cannabis. OTC has announced that the licensed company is now able to qualify for a seat at OTCQX.

This approval allows James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp. to start their trading transactions immediately, for all investors. Their quotas and prices can be obtained through the official website for OTC Markets.

Director of OTC Markets Group International Ltd. and EVP of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group, Jason Paltrowitz, replied on the speculations of the approval, stating, “James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp. joins the OTCQX Best Market, trading alongside established, investor-focused U.S. and international companies. Cross-trading on OTCQX provides James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp.’s U.S. investors with greater access to the company’s financials, news, and research reports. We look forward to supporting the company as it expands its U.S. footprint.”

On the other hand, James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp was very excited to start trading on OTCQX. This opportunity will allow them to market their products and expand their sales overseas. With cannabis in their production, it is a commonly used substance in the US, which is why investors will definitely be all over the company and its production.

Dorsey & Whitney, which is a consultant for OTCQX were the ones recommending James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp. to the program.