Latest High Flow fabric by Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s aids Marine Industry in delivering quicker and effective Manufacturing (Industry and Automation)

Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches another product in the market using the High-Flow platform of the firm. The carbon fiber and High-Flow Marine glass strengthening fabrics are strategically positioned for the maximum benefit and optimal utilization of the resources for the rapidly growing marine industry. The High-Flow fabric ensures the deliverance of exceptional quality resin infusion rapidity as well as minimizing the voids of air which are seen in the structure, this allows or the process of manufacturing even more quicker as well as offering a higher level of efficiency.

The Vice President of the Building and wind section of the Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Mr. Pekka Helynranta said: “We have seen manufacturers moving from open mold to closed mold processes. High-Flow platform is our response to the industry change. It delivers unrivalled resin infusion speed, minimizes air voids and reduces costs by up to 15”.

Mr. Pekka went on to add: “We believe that this new fabric will become the product of choice in vacuum infusion processes”.

High-Flow Marine is actually the second ever product launched using the High-Flow platform, this involved a massive variety of extraordinary performing reinforcement fabrics that are precisely designed for the deliverance of the unmatched enactment for the production of trivial composite resources. The firm processes the required expertise for the development of the reinforcement fabrics using the modified infusion speeds; this removes the restriction on the construction or the weight of the particular fabric.

The Vice President of the Building and Wind department, Mr. Pekka Helynranta said: “Our glass and carbon fiber High-Flow products open up clear opportunities in marine, but also in other composite applications where improved and tailor-made resin infusibility constitutes a clear benefit. We are already exploring additional applications outside of existing Wind Energy and Marine markets”.

The High-Flow Marine goods include an enormous list of numerous unidirectional and biaxial fabrics for reinforcement, this also allows for a variety of infusion speeds to ensure the accurate and efficient manufacturing for the marine products, available in glass fiber as well as carbon fiber.