Motivation Affects Results On Nutrition and Diet

Whether or not we believe it, there is a direct communication between your mental and physical health. Your mental state directly affects your body functions towards positive and negative behaviors. A recent study conducted by a team form the University of East Anglia (UEA) has showed results that connects the motivation levels of people affecting their diet and healthy eating habits.

The study focused to target how motivation affects regulatory focus on consumers’ involvement in nutrition. This is explained as the time and effort people put into learning more about the type and amounts of food they need to take in, in terms of its nutritional value. The motivation level was also studied against the consumers’ knowledge on diet and healthy lifestyle.

The theory showed that there are two types of people: a group that likes promotion guiding behaviors and other who like prevention of guiding. These can be further explained into a group that are looking for positive effects and reaching a better goal and others who would like to prevent harmful effects.

The study and results have been published in Appetite journal, showing that there is a direct relation in the motivation levels towards the overall final outcome. Where the people under test showed better results when they had higher motivation levels.

According to lead author Kishore Pillai, “The higher aspirational levels of promotion focused consumers will lead to greater involvement with nutrition to enhance their well-being. While both promotion and prevention focused individuals will be motivated to maintain good health, the former are more likely to employ approach strategies such as nutritional involvement.”