Nerds on Site Provide Shareholders with CEO Update

Nerds on Site Inc. is a mobile application offering IT solutions that service the SME marketplace, is excited to present shareholders with an update from CEO Charles Regan.

Nerds on Site IT solutions for modest sized business has produced over USD 160M in recorded sales all across Canada. On the Company’s successful IPO in November 2018 NERDS has given rise to their expansion to 10 cities in the USA, further working on relationships with thousands of already existing businesses and improving upon 10+ year working relationships with Google, Apple, Amazon, DELL as well as Microsoft.

Valued Shareholders,

During the first 3 months post IPO, the company has achieved significant progress on several fronts of development. It usually takes up to 6-12 months to sign a NerdCare contract, as these are under process in America. US-based NERDS are already exceeding in on-call assignments and NerdMobile sighting call-in requests. Specific areas of development include Florida, Arizona, and Canada. This shows significant profits in addition to expansion into Metro Vancouver and three other Canadian Cities.

The ability to scale our business model over the passing quarter represents strong prospects via our North American development plans, all of these have the capability to significantly enhance shareholder values by continuing to execute in the year 2019.

Highlights include:

  • Positive results in Florida and Arizona with a brand new team of NERDS in action, working towards full franchise capabilities. The first 15 NERDS that we have teamed up with represent “franchisees to be” furthering the company’s goal of the continuing process of filing contract documents with individual states.
  • 102% increase in revenue with USA growth.
  • Considerable growth in Canada with long-time partner, Canadian Tire, with a total of 290 stores expected in 2020. Presently the company serves 226 Canadian Tire stores; we expect a 22% increase in stores by 2020. This is very encouraging as it signifies the opening of one new store per week.
  • Further expansion in Vancouver and three Canadian Cities. No long-term contract has been signed yet, but the buildup is expected to owe to past successes.
  • Special emphasis on stable contract revenue promising expected increase in profits by 11%, up to 68% in fiscal 2019.

According to the USA Expansion Update, New NERD Team USA will increase the revenue by 150%+ over the coming fiscal year.

The company successfully trained and launched 15 NERDS (technicians), 9 in Florida and 6 in Arizona.