New clinic in Hong Kong as Clearbridge intends to target medical tourists

In a bourse filling that took place on Monday, Clearbridge Health announced how it intends to construct afresh clinic spread at about 1,500 feet in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, in order to be able to fully accommodate both the medical tourists (people traveling to other countries so as to seek medical treatment) and the local patients.

Formerly, Clearbridge Health’s Hong Kong clinic was spread at about 800 square feet and was able to deal with nearly 350 patients every month. Most of these were medical tourists originating from central China.

Clearbridge Health stated how they expect the new clinic to be able to will be able to indulge a greater number of visiting physicians, and also medical specialists, including a gynecologist, obstetrician, gastroenterologist, etc.

The bigger facility will have the advantage of offering a more extensive range of screening services and medical facilities which can allow the company to address the increasing medical requirements of the local patients and people from other countries needing medical treatment.

The Clearbridge CEO, Jeremy Yee, stated in a press statement how the closeness of Hong Kong and China has accelerated medical tourism in the area and that Clearbridge is experiencing a greater demand in their basic medical facilities following their joining of forces with insurance firms and healthcare associates.

He added that Hong Kong’s new clinic will succeed in improving their ability to serve a greater number of patients and also generate new opportunities for appealing to existing customers.

On Monday, Clearbridge Health shares finished at 15.1 Singapore cents, a decrease of 0.2 Singapore cents.

It is added how Clearbridge will also aim to allocate space inside the new clinic where educational health seminars and various events for medical tourists will take place.