Nexo Hydrogen by Hyundai with the range of 1 thousand Kilometers to be launched in Asia

Hyundai has confirmed plans to launch a new hydrogen-fueled car in the Indian market. The car in question is the Hyundai Nexo which is already on sale in the South Korean market. A top company official was quoted as saying that the Hyundai Nexo in India would come with a range of around 1,000 kilometres.

There is an increased focus on green mobility across the world. Eco-friendly vehicles available in the market are petrol-hybrids, fuel-cell hybrids (hydrogen-powered cars) and pure electric vehicles. Pure electric vehicles are the cleanest form because there are absolutely no emissions. However, range anxiety and cost of purchase are two of the factors that have limited the growth of battery electric vehicles.

Petrol-hybrids are only an interim solution to make the switch to pure electric vehicles. In some others, a small petrol engine is used to power a generator which charges up the batteries. The batteries then power the electric motors that drive the wheel. Hydrogen or fuel cell cars work on similar lines except that they do not burn the hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is chemically fused with oxygen and God chemical reaction creates electricity. The created electricity drives the electric motor.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are proven to have a longer range than pure electric vehicles. Several manufacturers had seen India as a great market for hydrogen powered vehicles, but the price would be too high, thanks to the 28 percent GST imposed back then, and adding to this was the complete lack of Hydrogen fuelling stations in India. Well, it now appears that both problems have been solved. In the recently announced budget, the government reduced the GST on such vehicles from 28 percent to 12 percent.

This should bring costs down considerably. A report by Money Control quoted SS Kim, MD & CEO of Hyundai Motor India as saying, “The Nexo is already on sale in Korea and we will be launching it in India in 2021. We will be partnering in building the required infrastructure for the Nexo in and around the Delhi-NCR area”. By partnering with another company, Hyundai plans to solve the problem of the lack of infrastructure. Hyundai has been making strides in the area of green mobility.