NGA 911 Service is Now Available in the West Virginia area


Today NGA 911 LLC – the foremost innovator in emergency calling technology services – has followed through on its commitment to the Public Service Commission of West Virginia and launched a resilient, scalable, robust, and flexible Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) network.

Michael Mayhorn, Boone County Emergency Management Agency said, “NGA911 will move us into the future of 911 call taking by cutting the cord with decades-old technology, to state of the art IP and cloud technology.  With NGA911’s strong background and commitment they have already shown us, I am confident their service will reliably connect our citizens to 911 services, no matter what method or device they use.”

Much has changed since the first 9-1-1 call was placed in West Virginia. Over the years, 9-1-1 service in the State has been dependent on technologies that are now becoming obsolete and unserviceable. NGA 911 is a springboard for emergency response operations in West Virginia, taking emergency calling into the future of Next Generation solutions.

9-1-1 professionals and first responders are finally in a position to receive voice calls, photos, streaming video, real-time text, and even building plans with NGA 911’s Internet Protocol (IP)-based and broadband-enabled platform. This new platform will lead to faster response and more lives and property saved. And both the public and first responders will find themselves safer.

“9-1-1 is highly localized, so we continue to empower each local authority with ESInet and NGCS technology that fits their particular situation. We are pleased to contribute to replacing expensive, long-term contracts that limit innovation within the 9-1-1 community, with advanced technologies that emergency services officials need and that the public deserves,” said Don Ferguson, CEO NGA 911 LLC.