Palestine’s educational institutes being dominated by the Egyptian culture

Most of the Arab and Muslim countries have been historically influenced by Egyptian education. Because of insufficient alternatives, Egyptian Education has been a means of providing opportunity regarding professional & academic training to the people residing in Gaza strip. But, this contribution of them has not been in a positive term always due to its strong impact on the culture of academic institutions of Palestine.

The extra influence of the Egyptian Education also seems to have brought with itself plenty of cultural patterns which are not so beneficial to Gaza. According to the research, this over-influence has a continuous impact in shaping the higher educational experience at the universities of Gaza at present.

Egypt was the one who ruled the Gaza strip from 1948 till 1967. Egyptian curriculum continued to be studied by the generations of the students in Gaza. The curriculum was not very relevant to their context until a replacement was made by the first Palestinian prospectus which came into being in 2001.

The closeness of Gaza and Egypt and also the fact that the student in Gaza was taught education based on the Egyptian culture and prospectus through several years meant that the students of Palestine found it very convenient to continue their UG and PG studies in Egypt even after the establishment of universities in Palestine.

In fact, a minimum of two universities of Palestine was established on the land of Egypt, with one of them having its name decided as Al-Azhar which is a renowned religious institute of Cairo.

The nonstop siege of the Gaza Strip in addition to the plenty cultural & language barriers have put a constraint on the ability of the students of Gaza to go abroad for further educational studies. Due to this, the sub-culture of the universities of Palestine remains largely dominated by the Egyptian one.