Panera takes a step to usher a new era of ‘Breakfast on the Go’

Panera cafe

Not everyone gets the time to make breakfast every day. So, to cater to this problem, Panera is now ushering a new era of breakfast on the go. Majority of the stuff we have for breakfast is either frozen or microwaved food items which are not very healthy and lacks nutritional value.

Panera’s 100 percent fresh breakfast option includes the three new breakfast wraps which are well combined with the Panera’s digital ordering platform & quick pick-up and delivery services.

The CEO of Panera, Blaine Hurst stated: “Our focus on breakfast isn’t just about a single item or category—it’s about looking at the market and bridging a gap for guests. People are compromising between convenience and quality in the morning, and we know that’s a problem Panera can help solve. Craveable, clean, high-quality menu options made easily accessible by digital and channel access is what has propelled our lunch business forward.  Now we are taking that powerful combination to breakfast, giving our guest even more of what they want, when and where they want it.”

The three newly launched breakfast wraps are a representation of a whole new category for Panera which is designed to offer customers healthy options perfect for the on-the-go circumstances.

Vice President of Wellness & Food Policy, Sara Burnett passed the following statement: “We’ve long set the standard for an elevated morning experience from bagels to brioche breakfast sandwiches and craft bakery. But we recognize our guest is looking for new breakfast offerings for their busy lives. By offering handcrafted breakfast options made with our real, fresh pantry ingredients and pairing them with coffee that matches the quality of the food in our cafes, our customers can get all their breakfast needs under one roof at their own pace.”