Preference of the Japanese Firms to make use of 5G technology only of their domestic carriers

It was revealed by a Reuters poll that the majority of the firms operating in Japan do not intend to use the 5G mobile networks launched by the Chinese company ‘Huawei’ or any other foreign firm, rather they prefer to use the domestic telecommunication carriers because of the increasing security concerns.

Results of the Corporate Survey came in the middle of Washington’s concerns that the equipment of the giant Chinese Telecommunications could be made as a weapon for spying. High-speed wireless services are to be launched in the coming year by the Japanese Carriers.

A warning has been sent by the United States to the countries who are using the Chinese Technology saying that the Chinese multinational company ‘Huawei’ could be a source of spying by the Beijing to keep an eye on the West. These allegations have been rejected by the Huawei & China strongly.

Not even a single Japanese Company singled out Huawei or any other international firm by name, but they did show their concerns about the issues regarding safety and security while using the equipment of any of the foreign firms.

Following statement came from the wholesale manager of the company “It is completely impossible to adopt any of the products or services of a company which does not dismiss the concerns about the national security.”

A manager of machinery making commented in the survey which was conducted that “With reference to the 5G related patents, the firms of China hold a tremendously dominant position. However, it will be hard to adopt them since there is a possibility of the information of getting leaked.”

It was found by the Corporate Survey that 88 percent of the Japanese firms mentioned that they were more probable to choose any domestic telecom carriers when using the 5G technology, only 2 percent stated that they would make use of the Chinese firms inclusive of the Huawei, whereas 1 percent stated Qualcomm Inc and 11 percent chose the option for ‘others’