Prices of the Whale meal reach their heights at the onset of Japanese Hunt

After Japan decided to allow its whalers to resume with the procedures of commercial whaling this week, the chunks  of whale meat that was caught initially has been auctioned at ‘’celebration prices”

The whale meat that was sold on Thursday for almost fifteen thousand yen i.e. 140 dollars per kilogram i.e. 2.2 pounds is several times more than the prices that are being paid for it in the Antarctic minkes.

The meat of the whales came from basically two minkes that were caught off the northern city of Kushiro on Monday 1st July when Japan returned to commercial whaling after almost 31 years.

Throughout those years, Japan conducted many research hunts in the region of Antarctica that the conservations were criticized as covers for the prohibited commercial hunts.

Japan, a country which was once part of the International whaling Commission, has left it on 30th June yet it has also made the promise that its whalers will not cross their 200 mile boundary of exclusive economic waters.

The sellers of the meat of whales have been celebrating their remarkable start in the business but have also expressed the uncertainty that they feel towards the future of it once the demand goes slim again.