Pundi X, BCCC, Join Forces to Execute the Block chain Technology in Japan

Pundi X has been, in recent times, efficiently carrying out the adoption of blockchain technology and the employment of digital currencies, and at the same time conforming to the laws, rules, and regulations of every country. With the intention of working as a team with the Japanese blockchain developers, Pundi X has succeeded in joining forces with the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC). BCCC is already very much present in the field of endorsing the blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Pundi X is a chief contractor of the very first point-of-sale solution in the world (principal developer of blockchain powered technologies), which sanctions both vendors and customers to carry out the trades on the blockchain in physical markets. For the proposing of solutions, Pundi X utilizes the following three technologies – The Pundi X Platform, card payments, and manageable wallets. Pundi X declares how their services are superior to those of the Bitcoin ATMs’ owing to their lesser prices, a greater amount of services, and slightly more convenient size.

On April 25, 2016, the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) was inaugurated, together with a total of 34 other founding member establishments. The Chairman of the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium is Mr. Yoichiro Hirano. Companies utilizing the blockchain technology have joined, and continue to join. The Blockchain Collaborative Consortium’s membership has thus risen to a total of 109 associations. The member’s objective is to increase the awareness, among finance-related establishments, of the blockchain technology, as it is in this sector that the employment of blockchain technology is rising most briskly.

Furthermore, BCCC also advertises the spread of blockchain technology in Japan. The reason for the generation of BCCC was so it could generate recognition of this technology with the aid of providing support for its research and empowerment of sellers.