Editorial: To respond to natural disasters, Japan needs to prepare better

Major power outages and water stoppages occured in Chiba Prefecture struck eastern Japan when Typhoon Faxai recently lashed the area, and the lives of people in the area have been drastically affected.... Read more »

Japan would have to dump the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean

The administrator of the demolished Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant should dump immense amounts of debased water from the site legitimately into the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s condition pastor has said – a... Read more »

The trade agreement with Japan would affect the Canadian farmers

It was possibly a year ago when the endorsement of an economic agreement with Asia-Pacific countries was proclaimed as a major success for Canadian exporters. One of the gems of the settlement... Read more »

Japan asks South Korea for explanation on their change in trading policy

In the recent escalation in the trade feud between the two Asian neighbors, the ministry of Japanese industry on Tuesday questioned the rationale behind the decision of South Korea in mid-August for... Read more »

Japan to begin its winter heating demand kerosene stockpiling

The Asian jet fuel market may be booming greater this week as Japan is anticipated to begin its winter heating demand kerosene stockpiling in September, while South Korea’s national gas oil industry... Read more »

Japan could not simple fail womenomics in the cybersecurity

Regardless of its infectious name and its significance to Japan’s economy, “womenomics” — an arrangement to engage ladies that has been pushed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — has not really encountered... Read more »

Museum gets the best of silk industry of Japan

A structure that used to be a stockroom for silkworm cases at the Kumagaya plant of Katakura Industries Co., beforehand one of Japan’s biggest yarn-production organizations, is currently the Katakura Silk Commemorative... Read more »

Cash defies the crypto in the high-tech industry of Japan

The cashless exchanges pioneer, Japan is currently slacking the world’s greatest economies in the grasp of electronic installments in light of the fact that the majority of the populace still favors physical... Read more »

Japan allows the human organs growing in animals

Researchers in Japan will start attempting to develop human organs in creatures in the wake of accepting government authorization for the principal investigation of its sort in the nation. The front line,... Read more »