Japan tourist industry seems sustainable

Maintainability is a mind boggling issue, enveloping social disturbance, monetary issues and natural effect. In the course of the most recent five years watching the “inbound blast,” it is ending up progressively... Read more »

Japan might attain a powerful trading weapon for the rift against South Korea

Japan could before long addition an incredible new exchange weapon against its neighbor South Korea. Tokyo set Wednesday as the due date for open remarks on whether to expel South Korea from... Read more »

Bolton, U.S national security advisor visits South Korea and Japan

U.S. national security councilor John Bolton left on Saturday for an excursion to Japan and South Korea as the two nations are amidst an exchange debate. A White House National Security Council... Read more »

Japan along with the U.S. negotiates a bilateral deal

U.S. what’s more, Japanese authorities are striving to achieve concurrence on a reciprocal exchange understanding, a senior Japanese authority said Wednesday, adding he was anticipating news on the arrangement sooner rather than... Read more »

Nuclear Energy is the ultimate choice for Japan

Japan has received a quiet methodology towards atomic innovation, restricting it to the utilization of providing power. This is in spite of being the main country to have endured obliterating impacts of... Read more »

Jorudan and Masabi bringing electronic mobile ticketing to Japan

In Japan, now more than 10 million can not only plan their journey but also they can easily book their seats and purchase Syoei tickets directly from the Jorudan’s Norikae Annai app.... Read more »

Commercial Whaling has been officially resumed by Japan

Agence France-Presse reported that the industry of commercial whaling has been reopened by Japan officially after more than 30 years, killing 2 grey whales within the first day. This resuming of the... Read more »

Fuel Cell Product is launched by Miura Co in Japan

This new fuel cell system is a 4.2kW combined heat and power unit (CHP) targeting the commercial building sector in Japan. The units will provide both clean energy and hot water to... Read more »

Japan has so much to learn from the integrated resort sector in Macau

Japanese Consul-General Mitsuhiro Wada, who holds the rank of ambassador, said yesterday that Japan should learn from Macau’s experience in running the integrated resorts rather than be gaming industry rivals as Japan... Read more »