Former competitors are seen as allies in the electric car race by Toyota.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is an avid motorsports fan who habitually heads out on the track to check the company’s latest merchandise, particularly superior models just like the new supra sports automotive... Read more »

Ebola And Other Deadly Pathogens to be imported in japan due to the Tokyo Olympics.

A massive flow of international tourists can arrive in Japan next July for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Most are going to be unaware another foreign traveler was specifically foreign in preparation for... Read more »
Seaweed industry

Seaweed industry of Japan at risk.

The small city of Futtsu, near the mouth of Tokyo Bay, has been farming nori — the skinny sheets of seaweed utilized in Japanese culinary art to wrap rice balls and build... Read more »
Stealth Fighter

South Korea Is Working on a Stealth Fighter

South Korea has joined Japan and Turkey within the group of middle powers that each one tries to develop distinctive concealment fighters. Be skeptical. The world’s biggest economies barely will support the... Read more »
Deadly fungus native to Japan and Korea discovered in an Australian rainforest

Deadly fungus native to Japan and Korea discovered in an Australian rainforest

One of the world’s deadliest species of flora antecedently thought native to Japan and Choson (Joseun) has been found by a lensman on the outskirts of Cairns in northern Australia. Scientists say... Read more »
Japan Market falls as US-China tensions heat up

Japan Market falls as US-China tensions heat up 

Headline indices of the Japan share market finished session lower on a weekday, 09 Oct 2019, as risk aversion sale triggered on a contemporary outburst in tensions between U. S. and China... Read more »

Singapore learns from Japan

Japan’s aging society has key lessons for Singapore, which is able to equally face a greying society in 15 years, aforementioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday. Speaking at a dialogue to... Read more »

An innovative peek into the tech of tomorrow

CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) is an annual event where innovative technologies, products, and services are all exhibited along in one place let’s say what a future society is going to... Read more »

Memory Toilets in Japan

If anyone can build a bathroom sexy, it’s Toto with their Japanese bathroom technology. Once someone wrote regarding her bathroom expertise at the recent room and tub trade Show (KBIS), it brought... Read more »