Short Period Hearing Impairment From Loud Bang

If you have ever been in a situation where a loud sound banged suddenly; the moment will be followed with a short period of impaired hearing. This is an event that almost every human goes through at least once in their lifetime and has never been explained.

As bizarre as it seems, scientists were motivated to initiate a study that would explain the phenomena. The study was carried on with and published eventually in the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal by a team of researcher at the Linköping University located in Sweden.

The experiment depended on data expressing the calcium ions concentration in the ears, as it is the main reason, sensory hearing cells in the ear are able to function properly. Through studying ears of guinea pigs, which are similar in composition to human ears, the experiment showed that loud noises will decrease the amount of calcium ions in the ear, hence leading the slight impairment.

Leader of the study, Anders Fridberger, who also works  at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine wrote in her study “We have discovered that a tiny structure in the cochlea known as the tectorial membrane plays an important role in this process, by acting as a storage depot for calcium ions. These calcium ions contribute to regulating the function of the sensory cells.”

Further research include the study of the membrane in the ear, together with using different substances which should aid or affect hearing. All substances used will be in affect with the calcium ion concentration, relying on the main hypothesis of the study.