Shut down of Dairy and juice factory in Al Ain Due to Poor Hygiene conditions

Abu Dhabi: A dairy and juice production line in Al Ain was closed near the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADFSA) on Tuesday for rehashed sanitation infringement.

Creepy crawlies were found underway zones and unlabelled items were found in refrigerated capacity at the International Dairy and in manufacturing plants of Juice Products in Al Ain’s Industrial Estate. Items with false creation dates were also reported.

The specialist issued a regulatory choice to close the production line as it abused Law No2 of 2008 with respect to sustenance in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The plant represented a danger to general wellbeing, ADFSA said.

ADFSA representative Thamer Rasher Al Qasimi said the choice to close the plant came after the administration neglected to make restorative move. Notwithstanding rehashed infringement, he said the industrial facility’s cleanliness was poor. “The regulatory conclusion request will proceed as long as the infringement endure,” said Al Qasimi. “The office might be permitted to continue work subsequent to improving its condition,” he included. The conclusion pursued three last admonitions issued to the plant in March and June 2018, for rehashed infringement.