SLANG Worldwide provides the top most Cannabis Collection for Puerto Rico

Slang Worldwide Incorporation has developed a very strategic partnership with the Southern Development Holdings for selling their products to all the medical cannabis patients across Puerto Rico.

Slang would be producing its good in Southern Development’s well-built fully-functional production area that is spread and the selling is done via the medical cannabis retailers on the area. The firm will be receiving royalty revenue for each product that is sold, while the revenue is expected to rise by the second quarter.

The company’s entry in the area is the 2nd largest expansion initiate that they took in the first quarter of 2019. The largest one being their announcement of a partnership with the Floridian firm, called Trulieve. To this day, the users could buy branded goods by Slang in over 2600 retail shops all over the 11 states of the U.S.

Puerto Rico processes the largest number of patient/users of medical cannabis as a percentage of the population of all the U.S areas, having more than 59 thousand users and over 70 dispensaries, as at February this year. This was reported by the Department of Health in Puerto Rico. Even with so many existing medical cannabis patients, Puerto Rico would additionally be offering reciprocal dispensary admittance for outsiders with a license to medical marijuana, as well as for those interested in getting their cannabis permits.

According to the Chief Executive Officer at SLANG, Mr. Peter Miller: “We are excited to bring our high-quality brands to consumers in Puerto Rico and the Latin American market,”

The CEO further added that: “Building global brands requires teamwork. Leveraging partnerships with the highest-caliber operators enhance Slang’s brand share and revenue with impressive scalability.”

The team of Southern Development leadership consists of some of the finest agriculture and distribution skills in the area commercially. Having more than 30 years of relevant experience in the production as well as the distribution of the grain, rice, beverages, coffee as well as other customer packed goods, the firm offers the skills and services of the single largest agro-industrial firm in the territory.