The latest forensic software by ADF ‘Mobile Device Investigator’ for collecting quick evidence in Android Devices and iOS

The leading company which provides mechanical forensic software for lab examiners, researchers, and investigators, ADF solutions, made an announcement today about the release of the latest forensic software ‘Mobile Device Investigator’  which investigates not only Android devices but also iOS.

The Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at ADF Solutions, Raphael Bousquet stated: “Mobile Device Investigator is the result of many years of teamwork to offer a complete forensic solution that is extremely fast, reliable, and easy to use. Our beta testers loved the speed of extraction and immediate access to information. As the number of digital devices and the amount of digital data proliferates, ADF continues its mission to equip investigators and forensic labs with the tools they need to speed their investigations.”

By utilizing the Mobile Device Investigator which is very easy to use, investigators & agents can now rapidly and with ease gather evidence from Android and Apple iPhones, and tablets within a few minutes, either back in the laboratory or on a particular site.

The new software tool is very easy to use and has a requirement of very minimal training because it is designed in a way to be operated by field agents, investigators, sheriffs, and front line police. For it to work, users can make it connect to any USB port for gathering evidence quickly. The device performs at a very fast rate and a reasonable acquisition of 4 Giga-bytes of data per minute.

Director at ADF solutions, Bret Peters stated: “The release of our newest smartphone forensic software will make it easier for front-line professionals to perform investigations involving Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The new Mobile Device Investigator™ software can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with ADF’s classic computer forensic and triage capabilities.”