The Powering Past Coal Alliance wants to phase out coal power but hindered by limited membership

The Powering Past Coal Alliance wants the public to stop using coal power. However, they are hindered to do so because of the limited membership which doesn’t have to face the economic realities. There are different sources of energy available in Finland as compared to China. And China will not be the victim of bullying by Denmark, Finland, or any other country.

Take the example of 2014, when the United States was delighted when China agreed to talk about Carbon Dioxide in 2030. Until then, the largest polluter of the world announced they were going to do whatever they wanted but America hailed it as a victory since prior to that China had never even agreed on a future date to talk. However, we were being duplicitous. Doctor Mikko Paunio notes that In actual developing nations the United States has refused to help the World Bank fund any energy programs unless they are wind or solar, even if it is replacing the wood and dung fires in homes with the much cleaner centralized energy. In developing and poor countries the most cost-effective source of energy is coal only.

In the United States, not a member of the Powering Past Coal Alliance we have driven beyond their target anyway. Utilizing natural gas, in 2017 the private sector drove emissions of energy below what the never put into action Clean Power Plan would have required by the end of 2025, there are now more employees in solar firms than the coal mines. America has played its part. Even though mining is a collective cry for unions, it is Democrats, who are usually pro-union, that headed the charge in replacing the coal with the natural gas.