The re-launch of the Adspace’s Networks to better suit the changing demands of the advertising industry

An announcement was made today by Adspace which is the leading on-site digital video network of America, will be re-launching its networks to fulfill and suit the changing demands of the advertising industry in a more suitable manner and its ability to lead in the market for serving the location-based as well as the brand-safe digital.

It will be re-launched as Lightbox. The Chief Executive Officer of Lightbox, Greg Glenday passed the following statement: “Today’s marketers increasingly demand trusted environments and contextually relevant channels. Lightbox offers something exciting and effective that couldn’t be more of the moment. It only seemed right to rebrand ourselves in a way that reflects the growing power of our incredibly unique platform.” Glenday added on by saying: “Some people still think of us as traditional out-of-home, but Lightbox today is so much more. We believe that our national digital-video footprint makes us a must-have on every plan. I’m delighted to now have a name that signals that energy.”

Mister Glenday was the previously Chief Revenue Officer at the Shazam which got acquired by the Apple later in 2018. He happens to be a media as well as the marketing industry veteran who has served the top senior positions at various organizations including the renowned iHeart Media.

The Executive Vice President and the Out of Home Practice at Publicis Media, Billy Long stated the following: “Adspace sounded like a pure inventory play. Lightbox is more about what they truly offer: a targeted channel with genuine scale. Lightbox signals a more specific point-of-view, with the ‘light’ evoking a sense of brand safety that’s such an important consideration for our clients.  The fact that it conjures up an image of a magnet for consumers makes it even more fitting for the digital out-of-home space.”