The services of IT advertised as the primary key to the future of farming sector of Japan

Robots that will pick a tomato, tractors that will drive without any human driver, and camera-mounted drones which will examine the fields to detect any crop damage, and satellite information from the renowned Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to assist the farms to keep in track of the climate changes and the weather prediction.

More than a dozen booths alongside the meeting venue of the G20 farm ministers at the beginning of this month in the Niigata which is a city of Japan, technology firms and various agricultural organizations advertised their services and products as a vital tool for the insurance of a prosperous future for the agriculture of the company.

The parliamentary Vice Minister at the Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture, and Forestry, Susumu Hamamura, passed the following statement:” today, in Japan, a major issue is the aging of the farmers and the decreasing size of the overall population. The collaboration between various sectors like non-agricultural and agricultural such as the IOT (internet of things), Satellite technology, and artificial intelligence has a vital role to play in the nurturing of the innovation in the agricultural side.

The founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the water-cell Inc., which is a provider of management software to the locals, Hirotomo Nagai passed the following statement: “The local farmers of Japan have very different concerns compared to the other farmers of various countries. Frequently, there are numerous small fields they have to cater to, and they are unable to always remember the amount of fertilizer used in every field.”

To assist the farmers in remembering what has already been done and used in their respective fields, Nagai established agri-note, which is an application that helps the farmers in keeping the track. Moreover, the app also provides the maps of each field, labels them with variables, and keeps the track of their every farming details.