Venice observes severe flood

Venice, the city of canals has witnessed severe floods on Tuesday. Venice’s tide forecast office said that water levels peaked at 1.27 meters on Tuesday morning and is further expected to rise. Though these levels are far less than the floods that were witnessed in November 1966 wherein levels reached 1.96 meters.

This phenomenon of high tides is locally known as aqcua alta and is seasonal but water levels this time are significantly high. The higher water levels are creating a nuisance for locals and tourists. Many business operations are shut like shops, restaurants, cafés etc. Even many schools and tourist attractions have been shut for safety purposes. Many hotels are also distributing knee high plastic boots to tourists as they might not be prepared for it as against the locals. There is a stir on social media where locals and tourists are posting the current pictures of the flood situation.

St. Mark’s Square at the city observes flooding from time to time and again is water logged as it is located in one of the lowest parts of the city.

Though it is a natural phenomenon its rising levels are alarming. Many believe it as a consequence of climate change which is only expected to rise.