30th Annual Honda Campus All-Star Challenge won by the Spelman College

At the 30th Annual Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC), Spelman College got the privilege of taking the championship title along with a grant of $75,000 home in front of a crowded studio which was filled with the top student of HBCU, presidents of school, alumni’s of HCASC, and associates of Honda.

.Coach Daniel Bascelli had trained the winning team. He said: “Winning itself isn’t the only reward. It’s about bringing these students together and watching them represent their school in the best possible way. The spirit at Spelman is really strong. If you talk to the students, the feeling for Spelman, the feeling for HCBCUs and the support that Honda gives them is all a part of the pride that they feel.”

American Honda’s VP of Corporate Relations & Social Responsibility, Steve Morikawa stated: “Honda is proud to commemorate the 30th annual Honda Campus All-Star Challenge and continue shining a spotlight on HBCU students’ academic. Through HCASC, students are given an opportunity to demonstrate the value of their HBCU experience, represent their schools on a national stage, and connect with like-minded peers. We look forward to celebrating the HCASC legacy and the friendships we’ve made over the past 30 years.”

Like every other year, Honda recognized magnificent individuals for the All-Star Challenge. Daniel Bascelli who is a 17-year coach of Spelman College received the Coach of the year.

Apart from the celebration of HCASC Scholars, Honda also pleased an individual who has his/her life dedicated to the community service by awarding the 5th Annual HBCU Power of Dream Award. Winner of this year is Chuck Hobbs. Morikawa stated: “Chuck embodies the Power of Dreams and encourages young people to realize the power of their own dreams, so it’s very fitting that we honor him with this award.” Hobbes was presented with a grant to pursue his dreams.