Trade War’s cons elaborated on by French Finance Minister

As stated by Bruno Le Maire, the French Finance and Economy Minister, Europe, and Eurozone, among other parts of the world, will suffer great adverse effects provided that the United States, China,... Read more »

The leading naval architecture consultancy firm wins the award of ‘Best Green Maritime Consultant’

Aries Marine, a leading naval architecture consultancy and survey firm, recently won the award for “Best Green Maritime Consultant” at the International Green Shipping and Technology Summit, which was held in Athens,... Read more »

Safeguarding of UAE businesses for the future

It is surprising how such a large number of businesses are owned by entrepreneurs in their personal capacity even though significant improvements to the regulatory business setting have been made. Sole proprietorships/establishments... Read more »

Fiat Chrysler and Renault are set to confirm a tie-up

Fiat Chrysler and Renault are set to affirm a tie-up on Monday. The leading body of the French carmaker assembled to an early morning conference to talk about the circumstance. It comes... Read more »

UK Gov’t-Led Jurisdiction Group to Outline the Rank of the Crypto according to English Private Law

A British government-drove jurisdiction group has propelled an open meeting to decide the status of crypto resources under English private law, as indicated by an official articulation on May 9. In the... Read more »

The fastest bullet train in the whole world ‘Alfa-X’ test run was started in Japan

World’s fastest bullet train started its test run in Japan to revolutionize the mode of transport. It is fastest ever train which capable of reaching 400km/h (249mph). Earlier today, ALFA-X version of... Read more »

Pakistan growth to hit eight-year low as IMF bailout looms

Pakistan’s growth rate is set to hit an eight-year low, a government report predicted Friday, with all major indicators down as the country continues negotiating its 22nd bailout from the International Monetary... Read more »
The Webasto Group

Webasto purchases shares from South Korean joint endeavor accomplice

The Webasto Group, one of the 100 driving car providers around the world, has purchased the offers of its long-standing South Korean joint endeavor accomplice. The joint endeavor Webasto Donghee, with central... Read more »