Environment Agency appointed ‘Jacobs’ for providing proficient & expert services in the National Capital Program

To provide proficient and expert services, Environment Agency has appointed Jacobs for the new Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF) for 2 out of the six delivery hubs in the regions across England, both the Thames & Anglian and the North-West regions which will be directing the capital investment program and the work to improve the assets of flood defense.

An amount of $3.3 billion will be invested by the Environment Agency in the coastal erosion and flood risk management projects which began in 2015 and have continued till now and have protected 300,000 homes. The new CDF is a part of NGSA which basically works to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of the delivery of the investment projects by collaborating greatly with delivery partners. The latest ways of working will update the asset, program & incident management to attain more sustainability, improve the value of money and the delivered outcomes.

Senior VP of Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe, Donald Morrison stated: “As the environment faces some of the toughest challenges of our time, we have an opportunity to build on our 25-year partnership with the Environment Agency and play a role in helping to protect communities for the future. The new integrated delivery teams provide the opportunity for even greater collaboration with the Agency and other suppliers, enabling better ways to support the Agency’s objectives to improve efficiency across a wide range of resiliency and environmental outcomes.”

Environment Agency’s Executive Director of Operations, Toby Willison stated: “This ambitious new framework will help us to continue to deliver our £2.6 billion flood and coastal defense program in a way which ensures that sustainability, efficiency, and value for money remain at the very heart of the work we do to protect people, homes and the environment. The Environment Agency continues to work closely with partners and communities from across the country to deliver our commitment of investing £2.6 billion to better protect 300,000 homes from flooding and coastal erosion over six years.”