For the protection of Wildlife Habitat & enhancing the connection of homeowners with nature, Taylor Morrison Team partners with The National Wildlife Federation

Largest private and non-profit conservation & advocacy organization of the United States, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), with more than 6 million supporters & members teamed up with one of the largest homebuilding companies in America, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation (TMHC). The partnership was publicly announced today. The reason behind the collaboration was to restore and protect the wildlife habitat in the communities of homebuilder across the nation while engaging with the public, residents and the staff side by side in effective restoration efforts of wildlife.

Currently, Taylor Morrison controls or owns over 8000 acres of land whether in or adjacent to the sheltered areas. The partnership pursues to apply NWF’s valued wildlife habitat certification standards which specifically designed for promoting wildlife, native plants and pollinators which are essential to the ecosystems as well as to Taylor Morrison’s all the way across nine states footprint & over a fifty-five thousand future households.

CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, Collin O’Mara told: “Every American should have daily access to nature, which is why we are thrilled to team up with Taylor Morrison to help protect thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and create meaningful connections with wildlife in their communities across the nation. Every action we take to conserve and restore habitat supports healthy local wildlife populations. Not only that but by having nature right outside their doors, residents will enjoy the numerous health benefits of being surrounded by nature. In addition, children in these communities will grow up with a deeper connection to nature and a strong environmental ethic.”

Chairman & CEO of Taylor Morrison, Sheryl Palmer said: “The National Wildlife Federation is an iconic leader in wildlife habitat conservation. They understand that to make a difference, we all must do our part to conserve natural resources for future generations. We believe that by protecting and highlighting the natural features that are unique to our communities, we can inspire residents and team members to be active wildlife advocates.”

This is just the initiation. With time this partnership will grow stronger and more land will be dedicated to the protection of wildlife for the future generations.