The famous rapper, DJ Khaled & the producers of CIROC Ultra-Premium Vodka prepared for the latest addition to their portfolio of successful flavors

The makers of the brand new CIROC Ultra-Premium Vodka, DJ Khaled, and Sean Combs who is an American rapper, proudly revealed the Limited Edition CIROC Summer Watermelon which is the latest edition of the portfolio of fruitful flavor.

CIROC Summer Watermelon is a highly rich tasting essence made with vodka which is purified from fresh French grapes five times, finished in Southern France in a custom-made copper pot still. A unique blend of watermelon is infused with the vodka masterfully and some other natural flavors are also mixed, resulting in the deliciously fresh taste of juice emphasized by a taste of sweetness & zest which carries it towards a smooth finishing. The recipes of all flavored cocktails are provided by the company so that one can enjoy these luxurious and tasty cocktails and vodkas at home too.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs passed the following statement: “I am excited to introduce CÎROC Summer Watermelon as our newest flavor innovation, right in time for the summer. We wanted to bring something fun, and refreshing tasting to the table this season.  With this spirit, we aimed to capture the essence of summer and bottled it.  CÎROC has a reputation for delivering the most successful flavor innovations and we aim to do this again with Summer Watermelon.”

DJ Khaled stated: “I love working with Puff because I know that he puts 100% into everything that he does. He always hustles to make sure that it’s the best product. We have the same work ethic and values, so working together to create this limited-edition special flavor to help kick off the summer was key!  Working hard also means celebrating your success, and CÎROC Summer Watermelon was designed specifically for the celebration. The summer season is all about being around those you love and celebrating your wins!”