In Washington DC, Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council takes control of Action Day

Several high-level meetings were conducted by the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council (MJAC) on battling against hate crimes and for the purpose of encouraging civil discourse in the nation’s center.

The co-chair of the council MJAC, Stanley Bergman stated: “We were encouraged to hear that Attorney General Barr has made combatting hate crimes a top priority for the Department of Justice. Added resources and consistent messaging in the fight against prejudice and bigotry of all kinds will be essential.”

Members of the council also interacted with Chuck Schumer who is the Senate Minority Leader and assistant to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsay Graham. Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council actively supports the establishment of legislation for improving the assemblage of hate crimes data and to face and deal with the threats of violence which white supremacism motivates and also motivated by several other forms of national extremism.

Letter of the MJAC stated: “Hate has no place in our world and we must fight bigotry and the violence it leads to whenever and wherever it emerges. No one can repair the harm that was caused or restores those who have been lost. However, we take this despicable crime as a call to action.”

MJAC leaders and the ambassador banks had a discussion over the sophisticated role of civil society in battling against prejudice and biases and strategies were also discussed for establishing against violence & hate in both countries.

The Co-Chair of MJAC, Farooq Kathwari stated: “As American Muslims and Jews we stand with the people of New Zealand. Those who sow the seeds of hatred and violence must be stopped. When tragedy strikes, as it did in the Christ church mosques, we must advocate, we must educate, and we must respond.”

MJAC is a public society which is working at the lead to confront hatred and injustice. It protects the rights of religious minorities in the United States and also promotes the achievements of Jews & Muslims all over the US.