Increase teachers’ salary to better education


Teaching isn’t only employment, it’s an occupation. As a society, we have a tendency to trust lecturers to teach consequent generation—to educate our children—so that they’ll become the simplest they can be, each for themselves, and for the country.

And that’s why efforts to boost the standard of our education got to specialize in our lecturers. President Manuel L. Quezon once aforesaid on December 1939, speech before division superintendents of the then Bureau of Education: “It isn’t the sort of materials utilized in the development of a faculty that produces results. It makes no difference…whether the school-house is formed of bamboo, cement, gold, or silver…What counts most is the quality of lecturers

The teacher’s direct influence on a student’s education makes them vital. During a 2003 text, “Hiring the simplest lecturers,” printed within the instructional analysis account, the analysis applied in Tennessee showed that students who were below extremely effective lecturers for 3 consecutive years considerably outperformed others who didn’t have equivalent teacher expertise. Another study in Dallas showed that if a student has a wonderful teacher for less than one year, then that student can stay prior to his or her peers for consequent few years. These studies alone underscore that lecturers are the frontliners for education.

Despite their crucial role, one serious concern for lecturers within the Philippines continues to be their less-than-ideal salaries—something created clear by the protest actions around the country on World Teachers’ Day last October five.