National patriotic education

National patriotic education base is named by Former WWII internment camp for Western expats

An internment camp for Western expatriates in China during World War II, formerly known as The Weixian Internment Camp, was recently named national patriotic education base. Bringing the total number of such... Read more »

Middle East places their bet on China

Middle Eastern pioneers appear to be in a race to pick up support with China. While the area hums with analysis of US strategy, its political elites are caught up with giving... Read more »
Russian plane enters into the Japanese Airspace

Russian plane enters into the Japanese Airspace

A Russian military plane’s invasion into Japanese airspace a week ago is by all accounts seen by numerous Japanese government authorities as an endeavor, helped by China, to rattle the three-route coordinated... Read more »

Stress between UAE and China would have to ensure the protection of the Energy Routes

The United Arab Emirates and China worried on Tuesday the significance of ensuring the security and wellbeing of vitality supplies along the transportation courses in the Arabian Gulf. Sheik Mohamed receptacle Zayed... Read more »

China pays their regards to United Arab Emirates for supporting the policies taken by Xinjiang

China on Monday expressed gratitude toward the United Arab Emirates for sponsorship its security crackdown in Xinjiang, state media stated, as President Xi Jinping played host to Abu Dhabi’s crown sovereign. Beijing... Read more »

China plans on reforming education for kids

A huge number of school understudies have begun their long summer get-away this month, however for some the two-month break won’t be quite a bit of a vacation. Numerous guardians will send... Read more »

China is going to stop exporting the rare earth at the cost of global isolation

The Chinese government indicated on Tuesday, June 4 it will take steps to restrict rare earth metal exports. This is seen as a retaliatory move against the United States as a result... Read more »

Following the limited effect of trade war, China will be widening financial sector, says regulator

Guo Shuqing (Insurance regulator and head of banking) states that Beijing does not plan to bring about the devaluation of yuan so as to raise exports. Also states that in the future,... Read more »

Trump worries about Japan trade but not as bad as China

At the point when President Donald Trump visits Japan, he’ll have the option to point to Tokyo’s roads to commute home a sore point in exchange relations between the partners: the nonappearance... Read more »