Tokyo Game Show held to create awareness about High-speed 5G technology.

All the people interested including the business officials went to the Tokyo Game Show to monitor how 5G mobile data networks that provide extremely fast speeds, will change the gaming adventure advanced than the technology’s commercial rise in Japan in 2020.

The event was held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, east of Tokyo. On the first day of the yearly held elaborate and spectacular event, aggressive gaming competitions held among the fierce live discussion also attracted people, who carefully observed the performance and praised the players’ abilities.

Game developers, associated network developers, and sports supporters offered their sector as one which will gain from the advanced 5G wireless networks that are likely to let players of well-known online games to access quicker downloads and stringer signals

Hiroyuki Yoshida, director of leading mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo Inc.’s customer business department, informed game lovers accumulated at its booth that, 5G technology providing huge capacity, fast speed, low discontinuation, and permission for more than one connection by different users will modernize the world of gaming.

Docomo is letting visitors to play improved reality game “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition,” where players can see fights amongst 3D characters that are laid over their present physical location through their mobile screens.

The router that will begin commercial 5G services in 2020 along with competitors Knowledge Discovery from Digital Information Corporation, SoftBank Corporation, and Rakuten Inc., will also arrange contests where about 100 players can be connected at the same time.

In future services can deliver and receive data about 100 times quicker than recent 4G technology. Mobile users, for instance, could easily download a heavy two-hour movie in only three seconds maximum. This technology will also help in the growth of cloud-based gaming on personal computers and smartphones.